Patra Offshore

Geotechnical Survey Vessel

The Patra Offshore is an Indonesian-flagged dedicated geotechnical survey vessel equipped with 4-point mooring system and a proven motion compensated drilling rig.

The vessel offers a range of drilling, sampling, coring and insitu testing services via its HG30 Drilling Rig rated to a maximum load of 30 tons equipped with Dando 1000 top drive power swivel.

The system is equipped with a motion compensator for a stable drilling operation and capable of handling up to 500m of standard 5-inch OD API drill pipes. An AP van den Berg WISON down-hole CPT system is also available to undertake PCPT operation in real-time with a maximum depth capability of 500m below seabed.

The RINA classed Patra Offshore is the perfect solution to undertake geotechnical survey drilling operation in support of the following activities:

  • Geotechnical investigation for windfarm foundation design and analysis
  • Geotechnical survey for offshore hydrocarbon exploration and development
  • Geohazard survey for exploration Jackups emplacement
  • Submarine cable and pipeline route survey
  • Shallow gas investigation including very deep pilot holes