Offshore Laboratory

The offshore laboratory onboard the vessel, with custom-made benches, cabinets and fittings, is housed in a 20-foot container and placed on the deck of the vessel. It is air-conditioned and comes with a wash basin.

  • Onboard Extrusion
  • Shear Strength Tests
  • Preliminary Soil Classification
  • Sample preservation
  • Water Content & Density Recording
  • Climate Control Storage

Onshore Laboratory

Helms Geomarine has established its own onshore laboratory testing facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2023. It is currently undergoing ISO 17025 accreditation with target to receive accreditation by August 2024.

Apart from that, the company also have exclusive agreements with multiple onshore laboratories i.e. Edgenta, Xsoil, Soil Pro and Soiltechnics to have a better control of the lab testing assignments. The laboratories provide a full range of soil tests, in compliance to the international standards (ASTM, ISO, BS etc.) which includes:

  • Classification Tests
  • Shear Strength Tests
  • Compressibility Tests