Offshore Geotechnical
Solution Provider
Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (Helms) is an independent Malaysian-based company specializing in the offshore soil investigation and geotechnical engineering services.
Offshore Geotechnical
Solution Provider
Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (Helms) has the competent management and technical resources to service the oil and gas, renewable energy and civil engineering industries.


We provide specialized services in collecting geotechnical engineering design parameters

for the foundation design of offshore structures including oil platform, pipeline, wind turbines, port and dredging or reclamation. The data collection is by means of drilling and sampling and in-situ testing from a geotechnical vessel. Our ultimate customers are the oil and gas companies, wind farm developers and port operators.




“With a commendable track record spanning more than twelve years in offshore geotechnical projects, HELMS has firmly established itself as a prominent player within the industry. Our portfolio boasts a rich history of successfully executed projects, both independently and within a group setting, across diverse regions such as the Far East, South East Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Notably, we stand out as the exclusive South East Asia-based offshore geotechnical company that offers a comprehensive solution involving two DP2 drilling vessels.

Looking ahead, our commitment to expansion remains unwavering, propelled by the surging demand for high-quality offshore geotechnical solutions. This demand is intricately linked to the recovery of the oil exploration industry and the rapid expansion of offshore wind farms in East Asia.

Our primary area of focus continues to be offshore geotechnical expertise. In this pursuit, we are dedicated to cultivating our workforce and enhancing our technical capabilities, bolstering both our in-house marine resources and those of our strategic partners.

What sets us apart is our innate ability to swiftly adapt to evolving industry dynamics and project requirements. We take immense pride in upholding the highest standards in our deliverables while placing paramount importance on the safety of our personnel, our operational excellence and the preservation of our environment.”

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Helms provides geotechnical drilling, sampling and in-situ testing services using its heave compensated drill kits which are installed on dynamically positioned (DP) vessels. The current focus is for geotechnical projects in the regions of South East Asia, the Far East and the Middle East.

Helms is currently operating two dedicated offshore soil boring vessels called the Keyfield Helms and the VOS Shine. Both vessels, equipped with Helms’ marine drill rigs, are assigned to support both the offshore oil and gas and windfarm (renewable energy) sectors. Downhole CPT, seismic CPT, suspension PS logging, pressuremeter test, vane shear test and onboard lab testing facility are also available on the soil boring vessel as part of the standard package.

In addition to drilling, Helms also operates kits such as the Neptune 5000 Seabed CPT which is rated to work in water depth of up to 2,000m and seabed coring equipment such as the Vibrocore and Gravity Corer.


Helms was initially set up to pursue offshore windfarm (OWF) geotechnical investigation projects particularly in Taiwan. At the same time Helms offered seabed testing using its Seabed CPT and Vibrocore. As clients in OWF are making the use of DP2 vessels as mandatory and when Helms was awarded with a long term soil boring using a DP2 vessel with Petronas Carigali, the company is now able to serve both the OWF as well as the Oil and Gas sectors.

Helms has an extensive track records in offshore geotechnical and survey projects internationally. The most recent ones are as follows:



Helms and Patra Offshore have been the best performer in this year’s project and a valuable partner to EGST, we deeply appreciate your efforts and professionalism shown in the past few months. We are looking forward to your continuous commitment and support to EGST and our projects and let’s hope (and do everything we can to ensure) that things can go much smoother for both of us in 2019 and beyond.

Huang Hsin-Chih

EGS Taiwan Corporation

I have known Helmi since his days with Asian Geos and judging from his past achievements, he will skillfully grow Helms providing 1st class services across the region. I wish him and the staff at Helms the very best.

David Hitchcock, PhD MRICS FGS

Managing Director
CMS Geotech Ltd, UK.

The relationship with Helmi has gone a very long way back since he was running TL Geotechnics 18 years ago. 2011 onwards, we both sat on the board of Asian Geos in Kuala Lumpur, when AG became part of the Gardline group.

Now that Helmi is Helms Geomarine and I am 100% Lankelma once again, we are still cooperating for projects in Taiwan and Abu Dhabi. I hope our close partnership can continue well into the future.

Eric Zon

Managing Director
Lankelma Limited, UK.