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The Datem Neptune 5000 CPT is a heavy duty CPT that allows up to 20m in push depth. This highly advanced equipment is designed for thrusting 5 cm² or 10 cm² Digital Cones. The unit can thrust up to a maximum of 70 MPa and has a depth rating of 3000 meters. This is an excellent tool for investigating seabed conditions prior to seabed installations such as pipelines, power cables and underwater constructions. The measurements comprise of penetration depths, cone resistance, sleeve friction, pore pressure and inclination from vertical.

The system can be mobilised to a variety of vessels depending upon the nature of the project, ranging from the fuel efficient vessels at 30m LOA, to regular charter vessels upwards of 50-70m LOA. The high mobility and small footprint of 2.2m x 2.2m makes it perfect to be mobilised onboard vessels of opportunity.

The 5000 is fitted with 5cm or 10cm Digital Piezocones and benefits from self-tuning telemetry. The surface controls unit operates a Microsoft Windows PC combined with the established Neptune software package, providing real-time data.