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The HG30 is a newly built marine drilling rig equipped with a heave compensation system and a 3-in-1 Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) suitable for offshore geotechnical drilling operation.

The unit height of the HG30 marine drilling rig is 23 meters and is rated to a maximum load of 30 tons. The drill string is advanced via a Top Drive Dando 1000 Rotary Head which is motion compensated and fitted with a Mud Swivel and 4-inch stainless steel ball valve with air actuator.

The drill string comprise of 9.5 meter drill collars and the standard 5-inch API drill pipes will be lowered through the seabed frame (SBF). Drilling with sea water or polymer mud depending on the the subsoil encountered will be carried out via a GASO 1550 Duplex Double-Acting Mud Pump.