Successful Seabed CPT Operation for HELMS in Offshore Northwest Australia

By admin on Feb 26 in News.

Exmouth, 23 February 2019 – Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (Helms) has successfully completed its first seabed CPT project in Australia via its Datem Neptune 5000 Seabed CPT unit. A total of 73 seabed CPT points were carried out from 9-meter water depth to 80-meter water depth. Deployment was done via a lifting winch and A-frame onboard a 35-meter DP vessel, the Outer Limit.

The operation was also the first continuous 24-hour seabed CPT operation by Helms consisting of 4 personnel working on two shifts. Their scope also includes operating the umbilical data cable winch apart from performing the seabed CPT testing. An average of 1 hour per point was achieved by the team and was done through good coordination and communication between the marine crew, the surveyor and the seabed CPT team onboard.

Nazrin Ridhwan, the Special Operations Manager who was also part of the 4-man team said, “The communication and spirit of working together among all levels be it from the Main Client to the Ship Crew, all helped in the success of the project.”

The seabed CPT team is now back in Kuala Lumpur while the seabed CPT unit is on standby in Australia for the follow on project. The second project which is expected to commence in early March 2019 will be a deepwater operation in water depth ranging from 500m to 1,200m, comprises of 113 points and will include an attempt for 20-meter penetration up to refusal.


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