You are currently viewing HELMS Mobilizes for Japanese OWF Campaign with New Drill Rig Installation

HELMS Mobilizes for Japanese OWF Campaign with New Drill Rig Installation

HELMS Mobilizes for Japanese OWF Campaign with New Drill Rig Installation

Moji, 10 April 2022 – Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (HELMS) team have just installed a heave compensated geotechnical drilling rig, HG30A onboard a Japan-based DP2 vessel, VOS Shine in Moji Port, Japan. The same drill system including the downhole CPT equipment was previously deployed on another DP2 soil boring vessel for an offshore windfarm (OWF) project in Taiwan.

Equipped with Dando 1000 power swivel, it has the capability of carrying out drilling, sampling and in-situ testing in excess of 400m and hence offering a proven solution for geotechnical investigation for the OWF mainly in Japan and Korea. The DP2 vessel VOS Shine, was built in 2012 and fitted with a large moonpool for downhole central drilling and a sizeable pedestal crane to enable her to deploy seabed sampling and testing equipment including the seabed CPT and vibrocorer.

The lead operation for this vessel is undertaken by a Tokyo-based partner who has already secured a series of OWF projects for 2022 and 2023. The drilling services from the vessel are to be carried out by HELMS personnel that will include not only downhole soil sampling and CPT (including seismic CPT) but also rock coring and borehole geophysical loggings.

Managing Director, Helmi Zulkawi said, “We expect a boom in the Japanese and Korean OWF market similar to Taiwan in the next coming years. HELMS and its partners are now well positioned, being able to offer the services at the point of time where the OWF development requiring offshore geotechnical investigation services in the Far East is picking up.”

Helmi added, “We concurrently operate another DP2 geotechnical survey vessel, the Keyfield Helms, which is geared up mainly for the fast recovering Oil & Gas projects with the likes of PETRONAS, SHELL and PTTEP. However, the vessel can also be part of the fleet offering to support the company’s OWF projects as was recently performed in Yokji-Do, Korea earlier this year by Keyfield Helms.”

As of Today, VOS Shine is in Busan, Korea to demobilize the geotechnical crew involved in the drill rig installation and to continue preparation for the upcoming OWF campaign in Japan commencing in end of May 2022.