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HELMS Kick Starts 2019 with Projects in Australia

HELMS Kick Starts 2019 with Projects in Australia

Kuala Lumpur, 5 January 2019 – Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (Helms) has just received a service order from a reputable Australian survey company to mobilise its Neptune 5000 Seabed CPT in  Western Australia for 2 projects off Scarborough and Browse. The equipment is being mobilised from Helms’ workshop in Johor, Malaysia for onward shipment to Freemantle Port. The personnel will comprise 100% of Helms’ permanent CPT operators who will not only handle the Seabed CPT equipment but the client’s Vibrocoring unit as well.

The scope will be to test close to 200 points of seabed CPT to maximum 6m below mudline in water depth ranging from 5m to 1000m on a locally provided vessel. One of the proposed pipeline route seabed testing will run from Australia to the border of Sri Lanka.

This will be the first Seabed CPT project for Helms in Australia following the previous campaigns in Singapore and Korea. Designed and manufactured by Datem Ltd., the coiled rod Cone Penetration Test system offers push forces up to 35kN and push depths up to 20m. The systems feature real time control and in-build automatic safety cut-outs. The compact nature of both systems allow them to be mobilized from smaller geotechnical capable vessels.

Helmi Zulkawi, the Managing Director said, “We are seeing an increase in demand for Seabed CPT especially that of the coiled rod type throughout Southeast Asia and in Korea this year. Hence, we will continue to beef up our CPT manpower and resources to support the seabed testing works as well as our ongoing offshore geotechnical drilling and downhole CPT projects in Taiwan, Indonesia and the Middle East.”