You are currently viewing HELMS takes delivery of a WISON-APB Downhole CPT

HELMS takes delivery of a WISON-APB Downhole CPT

HELMS takes delivery of a WISON-APB Downhole CPT

KUALA LUMPUR,  8 June 2017 – Following the company’s recent entry into the coring and seabed geotechnical market via the acquisition of a Neptune 5000 Seabed CPT, Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (HELMS) has made further inroads into the geotechnical industry by taking delivery of a WISON-APB CPT tool.

To be used for nearshore (shallow water) geotechnical investigations, the equipment is remote from the surface, attached and controlled by an umbilical winch. The umbilical cable houses a hydraulic hose which powers the tool and the communication cable so that the test results can be seen in real time. The tool consists of a down-hole jacking unit with a 3 m stroke and a thrust capacity of up to 100 kN. This system enables the borehole to be advanced and CPTs be performed at all depths to obtain information from below the proposed foundation depths.

The system is used in conjunction with a rotary drilling system and open bit.  The tool is lowered by its self-tensioning winch to the bit, where it seats and latches under its own weight. The operator starts the test from the control cabin and the cone penetrometer is hydraulically pushed into the soil at a constant rate of 20 mm/sec. Throughout the test the measurements of cone tip resistance, sleeve friction and pore water pressure are displayed graphically in the control cabin. The data is converted to a digital signal prior to transmission up the umbilical by a down-hole data acquisition unit.

Mohd Syahril Ikhwan, the Director of Helms Geomarine says, “the Company has actually no plans to re-enter the offshore geotechnical investigation market after letting go its shares in Asian Geos Sdn Bhd, an offshore geotechnical company, this year. However, we have been approached by various players in the shallow water geotechnical drilling segment who wanted us to support them with a downhole CPT unit inclusive of competent technical operators. This will provide the Company with opportunities to be more involved in the CPT business whilst deciding on its next moves going forward.”

Established in 2005, Helms Geomarine specializes in coring and seabed testing and it collaborates with established partners in the UK, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.