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HELMS Ends 2019 with a Milestone Campaign in South China Sea

HELMS Ends 2019 with a Milestone Campaign in South China Sea

Matak, Anambas Islands, 25 December 2019 – Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (HELMS) ends the year 2019 with the completion of its integrated survey project in South China Sea. The project affirms HELMS as an offshore geotechnical solution provider by meeting a diverse scope of work before the target completion date by Christmas.

It was the first integrated survey project undertaken by the vessel Patra Offshore whereby she performed both geophysical survey and soil investigation for the purpose of jackup rig entry, platform pile analysis and subsea foundation design. The geophysical survey scope includes bathymetric survey, seabed clearance survey and geohazard risk assessment prior to geotechnical drilling operation at the intended locations.

Due to the close proximity of the intended boreholes to the existing platforms as well as subsea structures and pipelines on the seabed, the running of anchors was undertaken with the assistance of an Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), another first for the Patra Offshore since it was converted into a soil boring vessel in early 2018. Comprehensive mooring analyses and deployment off spring buoys were carried out to mitigate the anchoring risks especially near pipeline crossings.

The campaign also featured the highest number of female key personnel involved in the site operation onboard the vessel including the Party Chief, Geotechnical Engineer, Lab Testing Geologist and Surveyor. The operation which was performed throughout the monsoon season saw a collaboration by various elements of the project from both Malaysia and Indonesia.

Party Chief, Siti Salwa said, “We are very proud to see the smooth coordination and support shown by all involved including the geophysical survey team, crew of the AHT, platform personnel as well as our own geotechnical survey team and marine crew in ensuring a safe and timely operation despite the limited good weather window.”

The successful completion of this project with numerous accomplishments augur well with HELMS as the company is poised to undertake multiple vessel operations in 2020 onwards.