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HELMS Completes its 2018 Geotechnical Campaign in Taiwan on a High Note

HELMS Completes its 2018 Geotechnical Campaign in Taiwan on a High Note

Taipei, 24 December 2018 – Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (Helms) has completed its 2018 offshore geotechnical investigation campaign in Taiwan just a day before Christmas. The offshore geotechnical investigation for the purpose of foundation design is part of an offshore windfarm project by a well-renowned German corporation.

Helms, via its Indonesian-flagged geotechnical vessel, the Patra Offshore, is part of a three-vessel team working together in the project with PDE Offshore Corporation (formerly known as EGS Taiwan Corporation or EGST). On its own, Patra Offshore and its crew has completed the lion’s share of the total boreholes for 2018 with a total of 49 boreholes completed. According to Sam Shih of PDE Offshore Corporation, “Helms and Patra Offshore has been the best performer in this year’s project and a valuable partner to EGST, we deeply appreciate your efforts and professionalism shown in the past few months. We are looking forward to your continuous commitment and support to EGST and our projects and let’s hope (and do everything we can to ensure) that things can go much smoother for both of us in 2019 and beyond.”

Other than 70-meter sampling and CPT boreholes undertaken, Patra Offshore has also successfully carried out PS Logging operation at 3 boreholes as well as 5 pilot hole drilling operations, 2 of which were identified as high risk of shallow gas prior to the operation. With the completion of the pilot holes together with geohazard risk assessments carried out by another company, the site has been confirmed to be free from any shallow gas risk for future operations.

Environmental conditions posed the biggest challenge throughout the campaign with typhoons bringing 7-meter waves into the site and strong underwater currents of up to 6 knots changing directions 4 times a day making station keeping a constant challenge to the geotechnical drilling operation. According to Syahril Ikhwan, Helms’ Technical Manager and also one of the Team Leaders assigned to Patra Offshore, “It has been a steep learning-curve for everyone involved from the management down to the crew onboard to finally understand the mitigation measures required to operate in such challenging environmental conditions.”

Patra Offshore will return to Taiwan in Spring next year to recommence its 2019 offshore geotechnical investigation campaign