HELMS Completed Seabed CPT and Vibrocore in Offshore Korea

By admin on May 25 in News.

Busan, 26 May 2018 — Helms special testing team led by Nazrin Ridhwan has completed successfully today Seabed CPT and Vibro-coring campaign off Banpo – Jeju Island, the Republic of Korea using the Neptune 5000 and a Lightweight Vibro-core unit, respectively. The vessel was a DP2 capable specifically hired from China by the Korean client for the project and she provided the platform for the crane to lift the Seabed CPT and Vibro-core over the stern of the vessel for each testing.

The water depth of the project site varied from 30m to 130m and the target penetration of the CPT and sampling was typically up to 5m below the seabed.

In total 55 CPT points and 37 Vibro-core samplings have been successfully executed   within a period of 10 days amid the very challenging ground conditions and strong undersea current environment.


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