You are currently viewing A Successful Winter Campaign for HELMS in South Korea

A Successful Winter Campaign for HELMS in South Korea

A Successful Winter Campaign for HELMS in South Korea

Ulsan, 28 January 2022 – Helms Geomarine Sdn Bhd (HELMS) has successfully completed the geotechnical investigation for an offshore windfarm development project by Dohwa Engineering Co., Ltd. nearby Yokji Island in South Korea.

The windfarm project sits a few kilometers offshore in water depths ranging from 35 to 40 meters and involves acquisition and analysis of geotechnical soil samples and downhole CPT including advanced laboratory analyses on the recovered soil samples. HELMS will use these information for site characterization and identify geotechnical engineering parameters to be used for offshore wind turbine foundation selection and design.

The over a month-long field program was accomplished via the DP2 Keyfield Helms using the heave compensated drill rig HG30. Besides the conventional undisturbed sampling and in-situ testing, special downhole borehole loggings including High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer, Pressuremeter Test and Suspension P-S Logging were also performed in selected boreholes.

“This is HELMS’ third campaign in South Korea after previously completing two geotechnical campaigns for cable route survey and geological research purpose back in 2018 and 2019 respectively,” said Syahril Ikhwan, HELMS’ General Manager. This challenging project involving a total of 20 boreholes were performed by a fully Malaysian marine and geotechnical crew in the middle of the winter season with data acquisition depths substantially increased at site due to the unexpected ground conditions encountered.

Team Leader onboard Keyfield Helms, Yusman Termizi said, “The vessel and drilling crew have proven their capabilities despite the challenges that they are facing here at site such as the below zero degree temperatures, difficult and variable ground conditions as well as the tight schedule to accomplish the fieldwork. Despite these challenges, they are still able to perform and deliver safely the project deliverables at site.”

The 76-meter DP2 geotechnical vessel Keyfield Helms has proven herself in providing excellent station-keeping to support drilling operation for oil & gas as well as for the renewable energy sectors.

The Keyfield Helms is currently demobilizing to Sarawak, Malaysia to resume a geotechnical campaign for Shell Sarawak and followed by another campaign for PTTEP in Myanmar.